The Lodge was consecrated in 1904 at Camden Place, the home of Chislehurst Golf Club, by Lord Amherst. He was at the time, Pro Grand Master and Provincial Grand Master of Kent.

To this day the Lodge remains based at the Chislehurst Golf Club and has a strong golf theme running through it. Several Lodge members are current members of the host golf club. It is ideally suited for potential members who either play golf or simply like to follow the sport.

A friendly Lodge with many extremely experienced members who are very happy to take newer members under their wings.

The Lodge venue is most impressive and has a remarkable history dating back to 1717 when first built as a stately home.

Once the home of Napoleon III and his wife, Empress Eugénie, who lived at Camden Place in the 1870s.

Well-known members of the Lodge include William Willett of Daylight Saving and British Summer Time fame, Kent and England Cricketer Colin Cowdrey, and no less than four Provincial Grand Masters of Kent and West Kent.

Consecration Summons